Changes to Giottus account fee structure

1 min readFeb 8, 2022


Dear users,

Thank you for your trust in choosing Giottus as your preferred crypto wealth partner.

This is an exciting new year for the Indian Crypto Ecosystem with the official nod from the Government in creating a new tax regime for the asset class as well as with Giottus launching baskets and SIP plans for all users.

We are committed to serving you and in helping you grow your crypto portfolio with time. We will be launching other exciting products such as fixed deposits, staking and lending soon.

As a part of this revamped product offering, we are also standardising all trade related fees on Giottus. All crypto-INR pairs will now be charged at 0.2% fees for both makers and takers in the spot exchange.

This change will be affected from midnight today i.e. post 00.01 hours on 9 Feb 2022.

Crypto-crypto pairs already enjoy 0% maker fees and 0.2% taker fees. Key crypto-INR pairs such as BTC/INR and USDT/INR will continue to enjoy 0% maker fees with 0.2% updated taker fees.

All easy buy/sell, SIP and basket buys enjoy 0% fees as always.

You can see all fees on Giottus in this link (will be updated tomorrow with the above revisions):

For any clarification regarding the same, please reach out to

Happy trading!



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