Giottus introduces baskets, SIP and a new tradeview interface!

2 min readJan 13, 2022


Giottus, India’s top-rated crypto platform, has introduced two exciting offerings — baskets and systematic investment plans (SIP) — for its customers today along with a redesigned tradeview interface that represents the young and savvy audience it serves.

Baskets represent the selection of cryptocurrencies based on a particular theme (such as large caps, DeFi, metaverse, memecoins etc.). Baskets are a convenient way for investors to buy a mix of cryptocurrencies using INR at the click of a button instead of buying them one at a time. Baskets are curated by experts with each cryptocurrency within them having a pre-allocated share such that they represent an optimal reflection of the theme. All basket buys are zero-fee trades giving our users a definitive advantage in terms of convenience as well as fees.

Giottus introduces Crypto Baskets

Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) are the ideal way to navigate a volatile crypto market. SIP enables periodic and automatic buys of the investor’s favorite cryptocurrencies to give the best cost averaging over time. Investors can choose to buy a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis using INR as per his/her convenience. Once a SIP is enabled, investors only have to top-up their INR balance regularly for the automatic process to continue without disruption. SIP buys also have the advantage of being zero-fee.

Giottus introduces Crypto SIP

All basket and SIP buys will be added to the balance of each cryptocurrency in the dashboard. A new and sleek website interface has been released along with the above offerings.

Baskets and SIP products will be available in the Giottus iPhone and Android apps soon.

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