New to the crypto market? Start investing with as little as INR 10 (TEN RUPEES) with Giottus!

Why should you start your crypto journey with Giottus?

  1. Easy user interface- Giottus has an easy user interface that allows you to easily understand how the platform works.
  1. Fast KYC process- You can complete your KYC within 10 minutes to start investing and crypto trading.
  2. 24/7 banking- You can deposit or withdraw money within just 10 seconds. Giottus offers multiple bank accounts feature for its customers.
  3. Low fees- Giottus does not charge any fees for INR deposits and withdrawals. You pay a minimal fee for trading and other crypto withdrawals. You can read about the deposit and withdrawal fee structure here.

How to invest in cryptocurrency with little money

  1. Initiate on a small level

Get Started on Your Crypto Journey



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