How Will The Merge Solve Ethereum’s Scalability Issues?

Ethereum’s Scalability Issues

Experts often cite that blockchains were never designed to handle transactions on a mass scale. And truly, Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work consensus works in a tedious cycle of asking every node on the network to validate a transaction before it becomes part of a block. Ethereum currently uses Proof-of-Work consensus, which is not just time-consuming. It requires special ASIC mining equipment and large amounts of energy for miners to validate the transactions. This makes the process slow, unsustainable and expensive.

What Is Merge? How Would It Help?

The Risks That Come With Merge

Merge will change a platform that manages hundreds of billions of dollars. The upgrade is highly anticipated, but it comes with numerous risks for the participants and blockchains involved with Ethereum. If the Merge fails, it will severely affect the related platforms, applications, and scaling protocols that have their bets tied to Ethereum.



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