Grab your SHIB tokens with Giottus Premier League!

2 min readMar 28, 2024

Giottus is thrilled to announce the launch of our Giottus Premier League (GPL), where every participant stands a chance to win big. The contest melds the thrill of the Indian T20 League with the dynamic world of crypto, offering participants an opportunity to win big!

Open to both existing and new traders of Giottus, GPL is designed to be inclusive, welcoming everyone to join in on the excitement. Whether you’ve been with us from the start or are just getting to know Giottus, this contest is your ticket to an action-packed season.

Daily Rewards: Everyone’s a winner at Giottus!

Every day, one lucky trader will win 500,000 SHIB, setting the stage for daily anticipation and excitement.

Additionally, for every run scored in the Indian T20 League that day, all participants (active Giottus traders that day) will receive a free airdrop of 2 SHIB which will be automatically credited to their accounts! The total bounty of SHIB earned will be tallied with the Indian T20 league scorecards, ensuring fairness and transparency. Obviously, weekends with double-header matches mean more rewards!

Spin-and-Win: Grab some cool coupons

All traders can avail of two free spin coupons and have a chance to acquire more through referrals. Each successful referral brings an additional five spins, multiplying the opportunities to win. Prizes won via the spin-and-win wheel are awarded instantly.

Weekly Draw: Multiplying your gains

The excitement peaks with the weekly draw, where one lucky trader will be awarded 2.5 million SHIB.


Aligning with the pulse of cricket enthusiasts, GPL runs throughout the Indian T20 League season, ensuring a full season of fun, excitement, and rewards. All you have to do is do one trade to become a participant in the GPL that day! If you trade daily, you become eligible for the entire duration of the GPL — you can earn more airdrops and other rewards! Traders who participate in the Giottus Premier League agree to abide by the campaign’s rules and terms of service.

Let the games begin, and may you all win!

Wishing you the best of luck — let’s enjoy the cricket season and earn rewards together with Giottus!