Giottus to support the Terra (LUNA) airdrop

1 min readMay 26, 2022


Giottus will be supporting the ‘Rebirth Terra Network’ migration for Terra (LUNA).

Deposits and withdrawals for Terra (LUNA) are closed in preparation for the Terra migration. The new, airdropped Terra token will be called LUNA2 while the old one will continue to be called LUNA.

LUNA2 airdrop distribution details:

Pre attack snapshot taken on 7th May 2022 at block 7544910 will be pro-rata distributed based on the compensation Giottus receives in accordance with the Terra Rebirth distribution proposal.

Post attack snapshot will be taken at block 7,790,000 (approximately on 27/05/2022 01:30AM IST). Based on the Terra Rebirth distribution proposal, Giottus will receive LUNA2 that will be distributed to legacy LUNA tokens.

Giottus will distribute LUNA2 tokens shortly after it receives them; we will provide more detailed timings as soon as the Terra team makes them available.

Once credited, new spot trading pairs for LUNA2/INR and LUNA2/USDT will be available to trade on Giottus.



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