Giottus is an official partner of Spark Token Airdrop by Flare Network

Get Free Spark Tokens and 5% extra only on Giottus

Giottus is an official partner of Flare Network’s SPARK (FLR) token distribution. Spark tokens will be distributed to the XRP holders as per the snapshot taken at 5:30am (IST) on 12/12/2020.

Only at Giottus: We will be giving you additional 5% Spark tokens apart from the stipulated amount. You get more Spark tokens holding your XRP in Giottus than any other exchange !!

If you have not completed your KYC, dont worry. It takes less than 10 minutes. Signup at

You can find more details below. If you have any questions please write to us at

You just have to hold your XRP at Giottus to get free Flare Network’s Spark tokens (FLR)

  • Giottus is giving an additional 5% SPARK free to all users (Only at Giottus)!!

What should I do to get the Spark Airdrop?

You can do any of the following

  • Buy XRP at Giottus and hold it till 5.30am (IST) on 12/12/2020.
  • Transfer XRP that you hold in other exchanges to Giottus. Many exchanges do not support Spark airdrop, so you might lose this opportunity by not holding your XRP in Giottus.

How much airdropped SPARK will each user receive?

  • Amount of Spark each user will receive =
    (Amount of XRP held by the user at 5.30am (IST) on 12/12/2020 / Total XRP held by Giottus at 5.30am (IST) on 12/12/2020) x Total SPARK received by Giottus for the airdrop
  • Giottus is giving an additional 5% SPARK free to all users.

Process that will be followed during the Airdrop

  • All XRP deposits and withdrawals will be paused from 11:30pm (IST) on 11/12/2020.
  • Giottus will take a snapshot of all XRP tokens held by its users at 5:30am (IST) on 12/12/2020.
  • Deposits and withdrawals of XRP will be reopened after the snapshot is complete.
  • Please note that trading of XRP will not be affected during the airdrop.
  • XRP tokens that are pending deposit or withdrawal at the time of the snapshot will not count towards your XRP balance. Please ensure you leave sufficient time for deposits and withdrawals to complete prior to the snapshot.
  • We will post a further announcement once the distribution is completed.



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