Giottus announces zero fee Ripple (XRP) trading and additional 5% Spark (FLR) IOU tokens

Giottus’ users can trade Ripple (XRP) for free (zero fees) till New Year 2021

To celebrate the end of a tough year (yes, 2020 is finally getting over!), Giottus is announcing free trade of Ripple (XRP) on its platform till midnight on 3 Jan, 2021. This waiver is in addition to the no cost withdrawal of Ripple — users can now deposit, trade and withdraw Ripple without a fee only on Giottus.

Additional bonanza for new XRP users

New XRP users who missed collecting free 5% Spark (FLR) IOU tokens on 12 Dec, 2020 have an additional chance now — Giottus is offering 5% free Spark tokens (up to 100 FLR per user) to all users who had 0 XRP wallet balance at Giottus during the snapshot on 12 Dec, 2020. Just transfer all your XRP and hold at Giottus till midnight on 27 Dec, 2020 to become eligible for this festive bonanza.

Spark (FLR) IOU trading is only available on Giottus.

Hurry and don’t miss this unique opportunity! Trade now at

Notes on free Spark (FLR) tokens

1. This offer is for Giottus users only — this initiative is independent of Flare Network’s distribution.

2. 5% free FLR tokens is in addition to the 100% you might get on the exchange you were holding your XRP during the 12 Dec, 2020 snapshot.

3. Offer valid only for the first 10,000 Giottus users who did not have any XRP balance in their Giottus account before 12 Dec, 2020.

4. Free Spark (FLR) tokens capped to a maximum of 100 FLR per user.

5. New snapshot to be taken at 11:59pm (IST) on 27 Dec, 2020.

For further info, contact

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