Flare Spark Tokens trading starts in Giottus from 6pm, Dec 12

Giottus is an official partner of Flare Network’s SPARK (FLR) token distribution. We will be taking snapshot of Ripple(XRP) balances held by our customers at 5:30 am IST, 12th December and distribute Flare tokens to the users.

Giottus will be crediting 15% of the stipulated Airdrop quantity in the first phase along with the 5% extra as promised by Giottus (Total of 20% from the promised 105%). As and when there is more clarity from the Flare Network on the timelines and quantity of airdrop that is released in each Phase, we will be crediting the remaining Spark tokens to our customers in a phased manner.

Any extra Spark tokens we receive in future from the Flare network (because of unclaimed Spark tokens), will be distributed proportionally to the users at a later date, once there is clarity on the same.

All Giottus users will also get an additional 5%, over and above the 1:1 distribution. This offer is exclusively provided by Giottus.

Users can start trading Spark tokens in Giottus from 6PM onwards.

Deposit and Withdrawal of Flare Token on Blockchain will be started soon when the official Airdrop is completed by Flare network and token is launched on the network.

Why you should move your Ripple to Giottus?

  1. Get Spark Airdrop tokens in your wallet much before rest of the world
  2. Get 5% extra tokens
  3. You can sell your Spark Tokens in Giottus and start trading much before the actual launch of the network.

What are you waiting for? If you still haven’t registered at Giottus, don’t worry. KYC takes just 10 minutes. Signup at www.giottus.com/register

If you have any other questions, please write to us at info@giottus.com



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