Ethereum 2.0: The Future

ETH 2.0: The Future is Bright

A Brief History: Highs and Lows

  • Any application or process, transaction or mechanism can be run with no downtime.
  • No interference or third party involvement on the Ethereum Blockchain helps eradicate fraud.
  • It has extensively been used as a primary funding mechanism by the Initial Coin Offerings(ICOs) that employ ERC-20 standard tokens for crowdfunding their projects.

The Launch of ETH 2.0

  • 2021 is estimated to be the launch year for Shard Chains (rolled out in multiple phases) that will expand Ethereum’s capacity to store data and process transactions.
  • Under ‘The Docking’, Mainnet Ethereum will finally merge with the Beacon Chain, enabling staking for the entire network while putting an end to energy-intensive mining in the coming year 2022.

Future: Scalability and Profitability



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